Leaked images of Browns, 49ers throwbacks emerge, too

Images of what could be the Bengals’ new uniforms have been leaked. They’re not alone in 2021 uniform leakage season.

Multiple images have emerged for throwbacks to be worn this year by the Browns and 49ers.

The image of the leak of a Nick Chubb throwback meshes with the image of the leak of a Jarvis Landry throwback.

The official jerseys for the Bengals, Browns, and 49ers most likely will be unveiled before the draft. As more and more teams make more and more changes to their uniforms, it’s becoming less and less surprising.

The NFL continues to be a business, and part of the revenue-generation process comes from the ability to sell jerseys to fans. New uniforms and alternate uniforms become the easiest way to do it. With Nike, which would surely have some teams wear different helmets and jerseys every week if it could, making the uniforms, it’s surprising that more teams haven’t changed uniforms in the past decade.