Bills raising ticket prices for 2021 season

The Bills played the entire 2020 regular season without fans, but were able to have them on hand for their first two home playoff games in decades.

It appears fans will be back for the 2021 season as well, but it will cost a bit more for them to get in the building. A letter sent to season ticket holders this week says the team is raising prices by an average of $8 a seat.

“There is really so much that goes into our pricing every year,” Bills vice president of ticket sales and service Chris Colleary told the Buffalo News. “We look at historical sales, comparable NFL markets, and really try to determine the market value for each seat. We’re literally going in row by row, seat by seat, evaluating the season ticket sales history for the last three seasons, if the seat was available on a single-game price, what it sold for, and then if that seat was ever sold on a resale site, what it sold for, and really trying to come up with what we feel is a fair market value for each seat.”

Colleary added that the team’s pricing is 20 percent lower than the average for NFL teams and that the demand for season tickets has gone up as a result of the team’s success in 2020.